Memories of my first time fishing!

Canva - Gone Fishing

The other day at work, a few of my coworkers got to talking about fishing at the campgrounds pond… this reminded me of a time when my best friend took me fishing for the first time…

It was a beautiful day outside! My best friend John was taking me out to his favorite fishing spot! He was going to teach me how to fish!

I remember the walk to the creek. He’d found a place to park off the road. And as we walked through a cornfield, I stumbled into a gopher hole. John had to help me climb out!

We finally reached the creek, and as he pulled out all his fishing gear, he showed me how to put the bait on the hook!

Since I don’t really like anything creepy, crawly, I was proud of myself for being able to bait the hook.

I even felt honored that he allowed me to use his brand new rod!

We talked quietly as we waited for the fish to bite, and eventually one bit!

I followed his instructions to the tea!

When I pulled the line out of the water, I saw a small bass on the hook!

John told me to grab the fish to unhook it!

Without thinking, I put the rod down. The fish wound up back in the water, along with Johns brand new rod!

He yelled “MY NEW ROD!”

He jumped into the creek to save the rod, and came out soaking wet!

I can’t understand why he never invited me to go fishing again!  (LOL)

Until next time,

Peace, love and safe travels!

~ Sheri