Can I Be Content?

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Contentment is not a God-given gift. It needs to be learned… but oh, how I struggle with this lesson!

I’ve shared before, that we are looking for a more traditional homestead… however, finding said homestead has been challenging!

What’s my biggest challenge? Being content where I am!

But how do I remain content when I long for a traditional homestead? How do I remain content when I long to get my hands in the soil and grow my own food? And how do I remain content when I see others raising chickens, but feel stuck living in a 22-foot RV on someone elses land?

Learning to be content with my surroundings has its challenges too! We are currently in the middle of nowhere! The closest real town is a half hours drive! The small hamlet that’s a smidge closer, boasts two burger joints and two small grocery stores that if they merged, might create one good store… but I digress!

Add to that the challenges of taking care of an aging mother…

Although I am happy to be here for her, I find myself struggling to apply myself to my business! The flexibility I have is great, but I don’t want to be so flexible, I flex myself right out of business!

Yet this morning, during my quiet time, I was reminded that God promises to supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus… and, that I can also do all things through Him who strengthens me!

Yes, I struggle… but deep down I know that He has given me everything I need for this moment in time.

So naturally, once I forgive myself for not putting forth as much effort as I know I should, and learn to discover what is good about the area I find myself living, I can learn to be content no matter what state I am in!

Until next time,

Peace, love and safe travels!

~ Sheri

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Wanting to travel, we left our traditional homestead behind... now we're obsessed with combining old fashioned skills, travel and healthy eating on the open road! Welcome to our homestead!

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