Creativity – Expressing Yourself

Canva - Creativity is Within

Each of us has the potential for creativity!

How we express ourselves can surface in a number of ways.

Perhaps you have the ability to solve tricky situations…. or maybe you have the uncanny ability to come up with brilliant ideas… or quite possibly you have the ability to stretch a budget when things are tight financially.

On the other hand, perhaps you lean more towards the artistic side of creativity. You might design beautiful pieces of jewelry… or perhaps you enjoy painting and hope to be the next Picasso or Van Gogh…

Or maybe your creativity is focused in the kitchen…You might enjoy cooking and can adapt recipes, giving them your own unique flair and flavor!

No matter how we express ourselves, our creativity enhances our lives by giving us pleasure and delight!

Nevertheless, creativity is not necessarily about being original. Instead, it’s a determination to bring about change!

If we desire to be creative, we must look within ourselves for God-given gifts and abilities… and draw inspiration from our circumstances…

Being creative demands our focus… our commitment… and our discipline!

Even failure can be a useful tool because it can be a stepping stone to something better! We may even make new discoveries about ourselves and what we are able to do and create – which can be a bridge to a multitude of new possibilities!

Until next time,

Peace, love and safe travels!

~ Sheri

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