The Price of Eggs!

Canva - Eggs

Have you seen the price of eggs lately?!?

The other day, a friend of mine were having a conversation about spring. We talked about the things we were looking forward to such as warmer weather and growing a garden…

But then the subject of Easter came to mind and she made an off-handed remark about hiding potatoes for Easter rather than eggs this year. At the time, I did not understand.

Since our fridge has been down, we have been relying on canned or freeze-dried foods, so her comment went right over my head!

Talk about living under a rock!

It wasn’t until recently when I went to the store for some eggs that I realized why she made the comment! I almost past out from the prices! In our area, a dozen of eggs is going for $6-7 a dozen. Or $4 for half a dozen! Yikes!

But this got me to thinking! There’s no better time like the present! Now, more than ever, we need to be raising our own chickens!

This has given me the push I need to get back to a traditional homestead!

And it might be a good idea to see if you are able to raise chickens where you live as well!

Until next time,

Peace, love and happy homesteading!


Wanting to travel, we left our traditional homestead behind... now we're obsessed with combining old fashioned skills, travel and healthy eating on the open road! Welcome to our homestead!

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