It’s Scary to Start a New Lifestyle!

Canva - Any Dream God Puts in Your Heart is Worth Pursuing

It’s scary to start a new lifestyle… it’s even scarier to begin that new lifestyle in a new place!

Back in 2018, when mom and I decided to travel, we had no idea about what to do, or where to begin… we just knew we had the desire to travel!

But where to begin!

We posted on social media about our desire to hit the open road! Turned out we already knew people who traveled full-time in their RV! One couple had been traveling full-time for more than 19 years!

So, we set up times to meet with them and asked them all kinds of questions! Things we didn’t know to ask… they shared their years of experience with us!

The best places to stay… the least expensive ways to travel… things to consider such as keeping a budget so we wouldn’t overspend… businesses that offered discounts… and yes, even ways to earn an income while on the road!

And, when we didn’t have any idea where we wanted to go… we were told to think of places we’d like to visit, and plan our route in that direction! This not only allowed us to plan our travels, we realized we could include other interesting places along the way!

Canva - Focus on Where You Want to Go

At the beginning, we were excited about the possibilities! But we were also scared! It’s scary starting a new lifestyle!

There were lots of things we needed to learn… and things we would learn along the way… such as how to fix stuff… how to handle driving or pulling an RV… backing a trailer into a campsite… finding the best routes that were RV friendly – just to name a few things!

But, we’d taken the step and hit the road! We put out fears in check by focusing on where we wanted to go, not on our fears! And we put our faith in our Creator to get us there safely!

Until next time,

Peace, love and safe travels!

~ Sheri


Wanting to travel, we left our traditional homestead behind... now we're obsessed with combining old fashioned skills, travel and healthy eating on the open road! Welcome to our homestead!

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