What We Eat Effects How We Feel

Canva - What We Eat Affects How We Feel

Yesterday, I shared with you that I was beginning to… once again… start a journey to a healthier lifestyle!

I truly do believe that good health comes from the farm!

For me, my relationship with food was, and still is, an emotional one!

Food has always been my comfort… my reward for a job well done… a trusted friend… food never called me names or told me that I would never amount to anything!

Because of this relationship, my health took a hit!

I would eat because I was depressed… and then as I ate, I would feel discouraged with myself… only to find comfort in food… It was a vicious cycle!

plus size woman standing on scale
Photo by Andres Ayrton on Pexels.com

As the numbers on the scale started to rise, my health went down hill!

It was at an all-time low, while sitting at home, I began to have severe pain down my left side. I thought I was having a heart attack!

After going to the hospital… and many, many tests… I was released and told that it all had to do with my digestive system!

It was no longer working properly!

I was given a medicine that only made matters worse!

It was at this point, I came across a book – Digestive Health with REAL Food – I started following the plan, and within 24 hours, I was pain free!

Will this happen with everyone? Only God knows the answer to that question! I can only share what happened in my case!

What I do know is this… it’s a good place to start! And it starts with REAL food! Not the processed stuff they call food!

I started eating the easiest of foods that our bodies can digest – such as chicken, carrots, green beans, spinach, and zucchini!

I even learned about the benefits of homemade bone broth! You can find my recipe for homemade chicken bone broth here!

Once my body began to heal, I started adding in other foods and continued to eat healthy! The weight came off and I was feeling better than ever!


However, after beginning this RV thing, with traveling and my workamping schedule, my old habits began to sneak their way back into my life!

Instead of planning and preparing foods at home, it was easier to stop at the local drive-thru and pick up a burger and fries!

Canva - Burgers and Fries

Naturally, the weight has found its way back… my jeans are tighter… I feel tired and listless… and I’m always feeling ‘under the weather!’

What we eat affects how we feel!

It’s time to start feeling better!

Until next time,

Peace, love and safe travels!

~ Sheri

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Wanting to travel, we left our traditional homestead behind... now we're obsessed with combining old fashioned skills, travel and healthy eating on the open road! Welcome to our homestead!

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