Our First Day Out


Checked into our first stop for the night around 2:25 this afternoon. Once we were set up, mom and I enjoyed a quick lunch from goodies bought at the campground store.


Sitting at the picnic table, I enjoyed listening to the sounds of nature. Such a nice change of pace compared to the place we called home for the last year and a half. We’d been right next to a very busy highway!!

Surprisingly, this hidden little gem is only a mile off the highway, but completely surrounded by trees. All you hear are the sounds of birds chirping and occasionally the sounds of fellow RVers pulling in to rest for the night!


Gizmo, Tiger and Dickens, our 3 feline fur-babies, were glad to get out of the truck and back into the safety of ‘home!’¬†Apparently they don’t take too well to traveling!

Hate to tell them, but we’ve got 2 more days before we get to our final destination!

Tomorrow’s going to be fun! I can only imagine that I’ll have a few claw marks after getting them into the truck!

But for tonight, we get to rest in our little ‘homestead on wheels’ and plan for tomorrows journey!

Peace, love and safe travels,

~ Sheri